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New member

Hey, everyone!

I'm a new member here; just joined about ten seconds ago.

I'm a 20 year-old Australian/Italian fan of Jhonen Vasquez's creations; particularly the JtHm and IZ works. I own the JtHM: Director's Cut, I Feel Sick (colour editions), Squee!, and have obsessively watched the IZ series. (But since my DVD player isn't capable to play all regions, I just watch Nickelodeon and recorded episodes =/ )

Feel free to add me if we share similar interests. I use Yahoo! and AIM instant messengers.

For those of you who are into RPGs, I co-admin and co-own two JV-related RPGs:

an adult/realistic Invader ZIM RPG, currently inactive

but most importantly, my newest RPG; an adult JtHm/IFS/Squee RPG: Nuisance Grounds that had been created a couple of weeks ago; now recruiting for members.
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